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Qualified and Non-Qualified Retirement Plans

We design client-specific retirement programs tailored to individual objectives. Qualified Plans can be more flexible than many clients realize. We recognize that different companies have varying needs when it comes to retirement planning. Therefore, we build plans to suit the specific needs present. In becoming involved in a client’s retirement plan, we provide full service, one-stop retirement planning services.

Many times, where Qualified Plans cannot offer the flexibility to meet a Plan Sponsor’s goals, Non-Qualified Plans can fill this need. Non-qualified Plans can be set up to only include a select group of highly-paid executives, allowing them to defer income above that which a Qualified Plan allows. These can also be set up in a way that allows an employer to make contributions as well.

We offer design and consulting regarding Qualified retirement plans, including Defined Benefit Pension Plans, Profit Sharing Plans and other tax deductible programs which will accumulate wealth and retirement funds for the benefit of business owners and employees. Our clients' plans range in size from one participant to several thousand participants. Our services include:

  • Qualified and Non-Qualified Retirement Plan Design
    • Required Documentation
    • Administration Services through JHB
    • Retirement Program
    • Investment Review
    • Employee Communication and Participant Education
    • Other Pertinent Services


Financial professionals at Retirement & Wealth Planning are not permitted to provide such services that would qualify the financial professional as an ERISA fiduciary for a qualified plan. Guardian and its subsidiaries do not endorse or have any direct or indirect responsibility with respect to the activities of Retirement Plan Professionals, LLC.