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Our Philosophy

At Retirement & Wealth Planning we believe the following:

Our first responsibility is to ask questions and to listen carefully to you in order to better understand your objectives, concerns, responsibilities and dreams.  Estate, business and retirement planning programs are intended to help you achieve your objectives.  Our first criterion is whether the proposed plan will help you to achieve your objectives, while improving your opportunities and help reduce income and estate taxes.

Rarely is any one option perfect.  We strive to explain both the advantages and disadvantages to any course of action.  When multiple options are available, we want to explore each option to help determine which is most beneficial to you, your family, and your business.

We want to compliment, not compete with, your other advisors.  The combined advice of your CPA, attorney and Retirement & Wealth Planning is most likely to benefit you.  Each advisor brings unique talents, experience and understanding to the planning process.  The open exchange of information and cooperation of advisors provides the greatest potential for client benefit.

Planning is a journey, not a destination.  We are beginning the planning process.  Periodic reviews, modifications and updates will best serve you, your family and your business.

We expect to be fairly compensated.  We are not the lowest price provider.  Our aim is to provide value and service for a fair and competitive cost.

We do not blindly accept any insurance illustration.  We rely on facts, not fiction.  We believe financial facts, third party ratings, and actual past performance can be better indicators of reasonable expectations than hypothetical sales illustrations.

You purchase life insurance to obtain a death benefit.  This guarantee of a death benefit has a cost.  This cost affects the  performance of any insured product.